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Falling behind on bills is stressful. Often times, circumstances that are out of our control make it impossible for hard-working consumers to get ahead. We are here to help! Whether you’re strug-gling with mounting credit card debt, or you’re still reeling from the fallout of COVID-19, the law recognizes that honest people often fall behind on their financial obligations and that filing for bankruptcy will allow them the much-needed fresh financial start.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Chapter 11 Bankruptcy


We understand that no one is immune to financial hardship, and often times hard working people find themselves buried under a mountain of debt. Many businesses and entrepreneurs have fallen on hard times following COVID 19.

YOU HAVE OPTIONS TO GET OUT OF DEBT! Call us TODAY to speak with one of our trusted legal professionals who will listen to your unique circumstance, and help you create a plan going forward to get out of debt.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Chapter 11 Bankruptcy


When you are faced with overwhelming debt, it is often difficult to remember that there is a way out. The dedicated and experienced legal professionals at Szabo Law Group, P.A. are here to help you create and execute a debt relief plan.

STOP STRUGGLING WITH DEBT! Call us today to obtain the IMMEDIATE assistance you need to help you get out of debt.

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Tax codes for both businesses and individuals have changed in recent years, making the entire process more difficult to navigate than ever before. It is imperative that you have the right legal help on your side to help you make informed tax decisions.

Szabo Law Group, P.A. provides guidance to both, consumers and businesses, in the ever-changing tax area of law.


Are you at risk of losing your home? The law provides you rights to save your home and credit.

Call us TODAY and speak with one of our experienced legal professionals who will explain the complex foreclosure process, and create a plan for you to be debt free and enable you to keep your home.

Florida offices located in Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood, Jacksonville, and Orlando.


When your residency is at stake, you NEED to have experienced legal professionals on your side! Szabo Law Group, P.A. is a Florida-based full-service immigration law firm dedicated to assist-ing in all aspects of the immigration process. Our team of experienced attorneys have the neces-sary knowledge, skill, and resources to help you navigate any immigration matter. We are availa-ble around the clock to accommodate you and provide answers to all your questions.

Immigrant Visa

Non-Immigrant Visa

Green Card & Citizenship

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Celine Leich

I hired Aron to do my bankruptcy. After going to several attorneys I decided to go with Aron. He was the only one who was very responsive and explained everything to me from the start. I recommend hiring Aron for bankruptcy.

Alex Serrano

Mr. Szabo and his team are very reliable and professional! They helped guide our family through the entire process and answered all my questions in great detail. I am so grateful for their assistance and support during such a stressful time.

Michael Durek

Had a foreclosure over my home of the past 20 years. Hired Aron and his office to help me save it from the bank. They filed for bankruptcy for me and saved my home and wiped out debts I had. Very professional, helped me every step of the way. Made a nightmare disappear and took care of everything for me. Very happy with my decision. Thank you guys!

North Florida bankruptcy attorney